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Anonymous said: Are you sure it's a good idea to do a post on a phobia and make the background of it the subject of the phobia? Putting a picture of a spider as the background for arachnophobia or something really isn't cool, considering that the site of these things can cause people to cry, hyperventilate, or have panic attacks.

sorry. but this is the way i choose to do things on my blog. a lot of time in the treatment of phobias people have to look at pictures of the fear they are facing as well. not trying to be mean, and you have a valid point. but this is again my blog, and i’m sorry if how i choose to run it upsets you.

oh btw everyone sorry for not posting fears lately, new ones should be up within the next week or so.

sing4thedeaf said: make one for ambulophobia. it's the fear of walking, haha!

will totaally do !

Fear Idea

Fear of Tanning beds (final destination tanning beds) thanks!


if there is no term for this i’m going to hold a contest for the person who can come up with the most creative title for this term !

new fears tomorrow, i know i’m always saying it but..well..i’m doing it tomorrow. sorry, but lack of imput on what fears i should do makes things hard


i really need ideas for new fear facts. i really don’t know what you guys wanna see so please let me know. ALSO i know you guys want fear of throwing up, pleassse submit a picture so i can put it up (make sure its horizontal and about the same size as the other images)

so seriously, please let me know, what fear facts do you guys wanna see?

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